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Lincoln Rural

Bainbridge Pig Striker 19mm 3 Division

Bainbridge Pig Striker 19mm 3 Division

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  • 3 Division Strikers with 19mm (¾”) Tattoos are used in SA & TAS.
  • Designed to provide the ideal balance when tattooing.
  • 35cm long for an easy swing to give a positive tattoo.
  • Lightweight (650 grams) solid cast construction.
  • Customers will need to order both the Striker and the required number of Digits.

  • Features:
  • High quality pig strikers, handcrafted by Bainbridge.
  • Made in Australia specifically for the Australian market.
  • Lightweight with a comfortable grip.
  • Plate with digits are custom made (made to order).
  • Digits are 19mm high (¾”).
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