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Lincoln Rural

Merino Treads Allday Socks - (S) 2 - 8

Merino Treads Allday Socks - (S) 2 - 8

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Supreme comfort and performance all seasons!

75% Virgin Aussie Wool, 20% Nylon, 5% Elastane

- Reciprocated toe and fitted heel, a snug fit with no uncomfortable lump at the end of your toe
- Arch braced for support
- Flat knitted on the sides reducing bulk in the width of the boot and providing ventilation
- Dense terry loop underfoot to provide a cusion, double plated on the outside with nylon along the full length of the foot to ensure maximum wear and prevent rubbing at the heel and toe
- Full terry leg providing insulation and cushioning
- Only 100% Merino wool is to be found next to the skin regulating and insulating temperature and moisture changes. No Itch, No Shrink.

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